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Humanitarian Award

The Fred Outa Foundation is the proud recipient of a humanitarian award from the Kenyan Government. In 2019 Joli Fridman, Ruben Fridman and Maya Fridman were honored in a televised ceremony recognizing their efforts to help vulnerable students in Kenya.


Sister School in Kenya

In 2005, Northbrook School District 28 adopted Spurgeon’s Academy as their sister school. Northbrook students support Spurgeon’s Academy through a letter-writing program, donation of school supplies and an annual fundraiser called Family Fun Day. 


Student Global Awareness Project

Maya Fridman leads the Student Global Awareness Project to raise awareness around the issue of education disparity thougout the world. U.S. high school students help to sponsor high school students in Kenya and elementary aged U.S. and Kenyan students participate in a letter-writing program.


2019 Visit with Kenyan Students

Board members visit with students from Spurgeon’s Academy and the high schools where Spurgeon’s Academy graduates are attending school.

Students in Kenya need your support.

The Fred Outa Foundation is a US registered 501(c)(3) organization.

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