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From an orphan on the streets of Nairobi to the Kenyan Parliament,

Fred Outa has a very remarkable life story.

Fred was born in a Kenyan village on the shores of Lake Victoria called Kisumu. At the age of twelve, Fred was orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic. Fred eventually made his way to Nairobi and ended up living on the streets in a slum. A couple from the United States helped Fred by paying his school fees so he could attend school. After high school graduation, they helped bring Fred to the United States where Fred obtained both his undergraduate and graduate college degrees. After graduation, Fred returned to Kenya and made it his life’s mission to help other children like himself.


Fred built a small school in Kibera slum called Spurgeon’s Academy. The school has grown over the years and today educates 450 students.


 After college Fred not only built the school in Nairobi, but he also went back to his childhood village of Kisumu and helped the farmers build irrigation for their crops. In the 2007 national Kenyan election, the rice farmers and poor of Kisumu area voted Fred to represent them in Parliament by an overwhelming majority. Fred spent ten years as a member of Parliament where his focus was bringing healthcare and education to his constituents. In 2017 Fred was elected to the Senate where he is serving his first term as Senator.

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The Fred Outa Foundation is a US registered 501(c)(3) organization.

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