Who We Are


The Fred Outa Foundation is devoted to improving the lives of vulnerable children who live in Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya. 

This is the largest slum in Africa and is one square mile and home to almost one million people, half of whom are under age 15. One hundred thousand of these children are orphans. The average size of a home in Kibera is 9ft X 9ft. These homes have two to twelve people living in them. There is no running water, no electricity, and no sewage system. It is here, in Kibera, that Fred Outa decided he would begin his life’s work.

The foundation supports the work of Mr. Fred Outa to help provide school supplies, food and medicine for the students of St. Christopher pre-school, Spurgeons Academy and St. Esther’s Girls High School.

Today, there are about 540 orphan children in Fred's elementary and pre-schools.  Only 35 percent of Kenya's children can afford a public education.  In public school, the students must buy a uniform and a table.  The children and families in Kibera slum cannot afford school, anything more than food is a luxury.  For must students at St. Christopher and Spurgeons Academy, the lunch they receive at school will be their only meal of the day.  The students at St Christopher and Spurgeons Academy are supplied with a uniform, school supplies, food and medicine at no charge.  Unfortunately the need is greater than the schools' capacity, so the schools admit the most needy children, first those that are full orphans and then those who are partial orphans.  

The Foundation built a girls high school in 2015. Many girls in Kenya do not continue education past the middle grades and are married at a young age. The purpose of the high school is to give girls an opportunity to continue their education in a safe environment and empower the girls so they can thrive and become future leaders in society.

We are in the process of raising money to sponsor 4 students from Spurgeon's Academy for High School and College.  Theses students will have an opportunity to continue their education in a safe environment.  This is truly life changing for them.