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There are more than 100,000 orphaned children in Kibera, the majority orphaned by the AIDS virus.
When boys reach 8th grade and do well in school they have an opportunity to go to high school. When girls do well in school, not only do they not have the opportunity to continue their education, but many are sold to older husbands so their family can make money to buy food. St. Esther’s Girls High School gives these girls a chance at improving their lives.
The homes, most of which are shacks, are either made out of mud, plastered over sticks and boards, or made from Mabati (corrugated iron sheets). Overcrowding in housing is so bad that parts of Kibera average only 12 square feet of housing per person.
There is no running water to most homes in Kibera. To obtain water, residents pay 2 to 10 times that is paid by a Nairobi resident living outside the slums. The water is carried back to their houses in jerry cans.
Classroom at Spurgeon’s Academy.
Most of the children do not have access to food over the weekends so the only food they are guaranteed to receive is the one meal served at the school.
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