About Fred Outa


Fred Outa started out as an orphan on the streets of Nairobi. Today he is a member of Parliament.

Fred Outa was born in a village near Kisumu, Kenya. His mother died when he was 3 years old and his father died when he was in 8th grade. Poverty and desperation drove Fred to the street and he began living as a street boy, surviving by digging through garbage for food.

When Fred was 16, an American couple who began work with street boys, took Fred into their home and sent Fred back to school. After high school, the couple sent Fred to the United States to receive a college education. Fred earned a degree in health management from City University in New York and a master's degree in intercultural studies from Biola University near Los Angeles.  While in America, Fred was haunted by memories of all those children in Kenya who are orphaned and living in the streets. After earning his college education, Fred vowed that he would return to Kenya to help orphans like himself in the Kibera slum.

Currently Fred helps to run three schools. St. Christopher's pre-school offers a safe place for parents to bring their young children so they can work.  Spurgeon’s Academy, which is located in Kibera slum outside Nairobi and is for students grades K-8. A girls high school, St. Esther’s Academy, was built last year. Until this school was built, there was nowhere for girls to continue their education.

In addition to helping the children of Kibera slum, Fred helped the rice farmers near Kisumu restart a pumping station to bring water to their rice fields. Over two thousand families now have 2 acres of land to harvest rice. In 2007 the rice farmers and poor of Kisumu area voted Fred to represent them in Parliament by a 90% vote. During the post election violence, Fred was asked to be in charge of the humanitarian needs of Kenya. Today, Fred serves on the Commission for Health and the Commission for Special Services.

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